First blog post – Literally

In an insane world, I hope to bring a little funny and a bit of sanity. I am politically neutral so neither side is off limits. I am a parent so there is a lot of whining in my life. I don’t understand the Kardashians. The world would be a better place if we just listened to one another and were open to varying thoughts.



The Day’s News – July 11, 2017

R’s Focused on the Wrong Email Scandal in 2016

In an attempt to get ahead of the New York Times, Donald Trump, Jr. released the email chain related to his meeting with a Russian attorney last year. Either he didn’t read the chain or he thought his statement would prevent others from reading the chain, because it is pretty clear that he wanted to take a meeting to discuss opposition research.

Oppo research is a norm in politics, just not from an enemy of the state…the state still providing Edward Snowden with asylum. In reading the chain it is difficult to take any statement made by Trump, Jr. and his attorney over the past few days seriously.

Did Anything Else Happen Today?

Looks like the world came to a grinding halt with the release of one thread of emails.

The Day’s News – July 10, 2017

A Son and a Lawyer Set a Meeting

So Donald Trump, Jr. has been a little wishy washy over the past 24 hours on his statements regarding a meeting with a Russian lawyer. Come on, we can hardly expect him to understand the gravity of the situation, he and his family have no policy – or common sense – experience whatsoever.

While a normal political group would notify the FBI that a foreign agent, and adversary of the US, was offering up damning information about an opponent, the Trump family just assumed it was business as usual. Please don’t blame him for being naive, just blame him for lying about it and trying to cover it up when the world called foul.

A Senator Defends a Foreign Baby but Not Millions of Americans

So the good Senator Ted Cruz is advocating for the darling baby in England, Charlie Gard. Listen, we are all rooting for the little guy and thing that the courts should not make a decision for the parents regarding his care. Allowing this little person to be exposed to additional treatments could ultimately help another young person some day so there is definitely value in prolonging his life.

However, when Sen. Cruz tweets that “No hospital , no gov’t has the right to deny parents their chance for a medical miracle” while simultaneous trying to repeal health coverage and Medicaid benefits is, well, HYPOCRITICAL.

I don’t agree with Obamacare, but I don’t agree with the proposed Senate replacement (if you can call it a replacement). That said, what the heck is Cruz thinking tweeting that a hospital can’t deny treatment while simultaneously doing nothing to improve the health care in his home country. What color is the sky in his world?